Hrad Kost


Commercial events

Company Kinský dal Borgo a.s., that governs the Czech assets of Giovanni and Pius Kinský, takes care not only of Karlova Koruna (Karl´s crown) in Chlumec nad Cidlinou, but also of Kost. Spaces of the majestic building from 14th Century are available to you not only during the sightseeing. For small amount of money the doors of the best preserved Gothic castle in Czech republic will be opened for you even during the freezy December. It is not very expensive and smiling staff will help you doing nearly everything you want.  Next few lines will inform you about the most funny and most accessible stuff that can be done in Kost and that would interest you as a tourist.

Everything for everybody

For organising various events, such as balls, banquets or bussiness meetings you may use all the spaces of the castle. Representative Vartemberg palace is two stories high and is connected with several smaller chambers of Šelemberg palace. When you use all those chambers, you will have space for hundred and fifty people. Twice more people can be „stored“ to three smaller chambers on courty near White tower. But also a northern part of the castle, the chapell or courtyard are suitable for private events. All the spaces can be used as a whole or separately. There is a modern bathroom, kitchen and dressing-room available in the castle as well.

Weddings for those in love

To tell each other the magic „yes“ surrounded by the huge walls of majestic Kost means (for a man) to feel like a king and (for a lady) to feel as a beatiful princess. The advantage of a wedding on a castle lies in a fact, that you do not have to care about anything. Nice governors of Kost will do everything for you, a priest, a photographer and music and even the decorations. The wedding costs 5000 Czk, and it depends only on you what do you want more and for what you are willing to pay.

Events for friends and for unknown people

It is possible to organise stylish private and bussines events on Kost. Believe us, if you festively start running a new bussines right here, your venturers will never forget this event. And it is twicely true for private balls, parties and anniversaries. Are you preparing a presentation, semminar, conference, banquet or a ball? Do you want to organise a concert or a drama? Are you thinking about a private garden party? Place your trust to the Kost castle. Kost staff will meet your needs without hesitation and that is proved by a fact, that several times there was a movie captured. For example, in 2005 a famous american film Hannibal was filmed there.

Outdoor for adventurers

Kost Castle stands there for a long time, thus many legens and fables are told about it. If you are attracted by majesticity of gothic buildings and by beauty of Český ráj countryside and if you consider yourself to be an adventurer (who does not like only visits of historical landmarks) , use one of the offers of outdoor activities in the nearest surroudings of Kost castle. The castle is surrounded by walleys Plakánek and Prokopské údolí walley. You may sail on small boats on White and Black lakes. Company Kinský dal Borgo is able to organise swordsmen fights, falconic shows, fireshows, trubadures, guards on the towers, White lady, an executioner show, witches, enlighting of the castle, sightseeing flights above Český ráj in an airplane or a helicopter or even a night sightseeing of Kost casle in historic costumes. What is more, it is possible to arrange swedish besiege of the castle – in that case historic tents and soldiers are not missing. The entertainmen in the caste is ensured by dancing ladies, princesses or beggars.

For more info about commercial events contact Ms. Martina Kubešová on telephone num. +420 737 215 973.