Hrad Kost


About Plakánek walley

Kost castle is surrounded by a picturesque walley. Plakánek and Prokop walley are known for their sandstone rocks, nice soft grass and many fables. Namely the Plakánek walley inspired many chronicle writers to write few unbelievable stories.

Black coal-merchant

Plakánek walley is visible even from the castle courtyard. There is a small path through it that runs alongside the rocks and woods. Historic sources say that there was a coal-merchant´s house on that path. He burnt wood to make a charcoal and that´s why the whole walley was covered in the smoke. No wonder that passing-by people cried. Maybe that´s why the walley is called „Plakánek“ (Crying boy). People say that coal-merchant´s son was once lost in the deep woods. His parents searched for him for the whole night when a moon enlightened the walls of Kost castle and coal-merchant found his son crying near the castle gate.

Walley of cries

Rumours say that many people cried in Plakánek walley. A girl abandonned by her boy, unlucky prisoners being tortured and executioned in the torture chamber, some unhappy widow jumping to the Black or White lake; all those people cried there. Their cries were heart for a long time!

A fatal love

Old women say that Plakánek walley got its name thanks to one sad event. Local coal-merchant had beautiful daughter, whose beauties charmed one official from Kost castle. A girl fallen in love with him and once in the night, that could cover their sin, she went to the castle to see her beloved. But when her belly was getting round shapes, he forget her immediately. That marriage was nonthinkable! The woman understood how naive she was. But it was already late. She gave birth to the baby, but immediately she burried the living small body to the woods. On the next day she realised what she had done and went to find the baby. But she failed. Since then baby´s cry sounds in the walley. Crying should stop when a good soul finds the baby and burries it.

A burning bush

Coal-merchant´s son wasn´t the only child that played in the woods of Czech paradise till the dark night. In bushes near Kost small Ann lost her way. She was a daughter of Kost burgrave so it is no wonder that the whole Kost crew searched the area for her. But it brought no success and the girl returned to the castle the next night alone. A pernoctation and horror of wild animals and robbers left marks on her. She was pale with black rounds near her eyes. As she got to bed, she fell asleep. She started talking the morning after. She said how long she was trying to find her way and when she decided to surrender, she heart a voice telling her „Viz keř – See the bush“. Ann turned and she saw a burning bush. Flames enlightened the path which leads to the castle. From that times a hill, on which the bush grows, is called Vyskeř. Today, there is a small village with a church nearby. Vyskeř is 5 km from Kost in north direction and a blue tourist track leads there.