Hrad Kost


History of Kinský family

Kost castle is together with castle in Chlumec nad Cidlinou owned by brothers Giovanni and Pius Kinský. They live in Italy and they come to visit their manors in Czech republic twice a month. It is fairly enough for their wealth to flourish. Company Kinský dal Borgo operates in Czech republic, it takes care of their wealth. How succesfull they are can be assessed even by you when you visit the landmarks under their care.

Nobleman – an intellectual and humourist

Norbert Kinský, who is not called in other way, than „sir“, can behave in strictly intelectual manners as well as in humouristic way. His first character feature is best shown in his quote „I do not feel to be the owner, but only an administer of family wealth. Our wealth is something that does not serve only to us, it is a wealth that a nation has given to our family to dispose of it not only to her advantage, but to the advantage of the nation.“ And his sparking character is shown in another sentence he said when he was looking on the old paitings: „It´s impossible that we had such apes in our family!“  :)

Famous relatives

Today owners of Kost Giovanni and Pius Kinský are cousins of minister of foreign affairs Karel Scharzenberg. Their father, Norbert Kinský (the above-mentioned sir with sense of humour and love for philosophy) had the same mother as Karel Schwarzenberg senior. Widow of Schwarzenberg, countess Eleonora Clam-Gallas, that had two children from the first marriage, married Zdenek Radslav Kinský in 1921. In march 1924 young Norbert was born. Although the aristocratic titles were abolished after the foundation of First Czechoslovak republic, former aristocracy was honoured by people anyway. Nobleness and dignity of Kinský family remained untouched until the war and communists came.

„God, honour, homeland!“

Respectable family motto is trasferred from generation to generation in Kinský family. After Munich agreement Zdenko Radslav Kinský gave – together with other members of Czech old aristocracy – declaration against the occupation of republic to president Hácha. During the war Norbert proven that his blood is not only blue, but also very brave. He escaped from the forced labours in Germany on a bicycle. When the war was over, he married Anna Baria dal Borgo-Netolitz and he thus acquired Kost castle as a dower. But they could not dream about their happines till death because the fairytale of beloved was ended by communist rule.

From Chlumec to Italy... and never back again

When a communist dictature was installed on 28th February 1948 in Czechoslovakia, Zdenko Radslav understood that arguing with the „people´s will“ doesn´t make sense. He offered his wealth to the state and wanted the only thing as a countervalue – permission that he would live and work with his family without any problems in Obor. Some officials promised it, but that was all. Kinský family was declared to be the enemy of people and when they went to Italy to be present on their´s son Norbert marriage, communists taken away all their wealth. They never returned back to the homeland. They had to wait forty years for their wealth to be given back. Restituent was the younger Norbert Kinský, but that was not without problems. He was a member of Maltezian knights and they were not permitted to own any wealth. Fortunately, Norbert was high public official in that time and thus he knew pope personally. And only pope can permitt actions such as restitution.

Some bits of history

Not only the modern history of Kinský family is interesting. Long and rich history of that old aristocratic family, that begins sometimes in the 13th Century, is full of dramatic changes, successes and failures and unbelievable stories. Oldřich Kinský was one of those aristocrats who threw out the officials from the windows during the famous Prague defenestration. This act meant the beginning of 30years war. What is interesting, Oldřich´s brother Vilém was a good friend of catholic Albrecht z Valdštejna. Kinský family likes hunts and horses very much. Oktavián Kinský was one of the founders of Great Pardubice horseraces. The first horseraces were organised in Chlumec nad Cidlinou only nine years after the first-ever races in Liverpool. Karl´s Crown in Chlumec nad Cidlinou is probably the best witness of Kinský´s fame. The castle that is a home for the family for centuries was named after Karel IV, who had visited it once.