Hrad Kost


Showplaces in the nearest surroundings

There is no village filled to the top by souvenires near Kost. Visit of Kost itself is wonderful thanks to its nice guides, but then majority of tourists leave this place in search for another beauties of Český ráj. And that is a pity because the nearest surroundings have many things to offer as well.

Bohemian „Kapadocia“

Turkey is well-known for its rocks that resemble chimneys or man´s phalloses (as one wants). That´s why it would be very difficult to find someone who does not know, that those shapes have apartments in them. However, nearly nobody knows that similar building is in Český ráj. Baruška´s abandonned stony apartment can be found literally few steps from Kost castle.

Habitable cave

In pictures from 1908 we can see nice stony apartment, scrubby with moss. It is equipped by a wooden door and it looks as if it was taken from some fairytale and placed to the real world. After sixty years you could barely recognise the house. In the present the stony hollow resembles a cave more than a habitable space. Its builder Barušek hardly heard about architectonic rules such as right angles and straight floor. According to historians the stony apartment was built sometimes before 1850. In that times many people earned their money by breaking stones. The object is probably made by one of those semi-professional stonemakers. He used ordinary mining tools that had been used even in the medieval times.

Barušky the rivals

We do not know who built the stony apartment and even we do not know for fot purpose it was built. In 1881 the object was owned by the aristocracy. The owner of Kost in that time took advantage of this fact and moved there former employees, that were no longer suitable for work. As first an old widow after a horseman was moved between the cold walls. She did not live anyhow badly there. She recieved the so-called „deputát“in form of food and permissions to collect wood and forestfruits. She did not have to pay taxes. But then a nearly blind widow after a courtyard official was moved there to live with her. She showed her higher social status to her in every possible moment. Two women lived together in small stony room but it did not harm their pride. They lived totally separately – they had their own place, wealth and even food that was not from „deputát“ was owned separately. Both Baruškas lived like that for nineteen years. They lost everything in that time.. the only thing that remains is their strange name.

Once upon a time…

It was in 1892 when a bohemian writer and publicis Karel Václav Rais went to getting to know the beautis of his motherland – Kost. He also visited Baruška widows. One of them told him the fable that was told to her by her father. Once upon a time Kost herdsman owned a small house near the castle. His wife had died so he had left with his small son. It did not took a long time and his son brought a pretty girl to the house. She was really beautiful and very skilled, but shorlty after her arrival she disliked the old man. So one day he packed his things and moved. Because the house was near to the rock, he took some tools and started to dig. In few days he dug a hole in which he slept. By this the work had not finished. Exactly one year took him to make an habitable apartment in the rock. When he put the tools on their restplace, he said goodbye to his son, grinned at his daughter-in-law and went to his new house. Let´s hope he slept well... anyway... he did not wake up.

Labyrinth in the sandstone

Stony compartment Barušky is comprised of five rooms and there are two entrances to it. When you come to cost, you can see the ruins of the stony house in all their beauty. When you enter the compartment you will find yourself in the largest hollow of the cave – the livingroom. To that room a small bedroom is connected that continues to the hall and black kitchen. The cooking place is connected with the living room by rounded staircase. That way Barušky looked when two widows lived there. Sometimes between 1911 and WWI they lwft and Berušky were used by a big poor family. The object was not inhabited after the First World War. Since then only witches from fairytales come here.

Dog´s cemetery

There is similarly mysterious atmospehere on the dog´s cemetery as on Barušky. As well as the stony compartment it is not far away from Kost and deteriorates. Cemetery served as a restplace for pets of Kost noblemen that burried them with honour there. It is not long ago that the ground was full of copper tables with names and dates of death. Today majority of them is stolen and spaces are overgrown with various bushes. But that only adds to the mysticity of the place!